Server Rules

TheGamingFaux posted Aug 11, 15

No Advertising of other websites or servers in any chat channel.
No spamming or block capital sentencing in any channel. e.g. "TALKING LIKE THIS”
No impersonating Staff/ Players or falsifying information from said parties.
Any text in all channels must be in the English Language with the exception of private messages
There are no hacked Minecraft clients allowed on the server.
There are no modded Minecraft clients that enhance a players movement or advantage other others in and out of PvP allowed on the server.
Minecraft clients with mods that allow Minimaps or boost performance/quality are fine.

Do not PvP Log when in combat with another player.
24 Hour Jail & Mute
No Spawn Camping – Killing a player when they log in
24 Hour Jail & Mute
Spam killing is not allowed.
24 Hour Jail & Mute

Do not exploit plugins or mods that give you an unfair advantage over other players.
1 Hour Jail & Mute
Glitches used to enter a confined area or spaces are illegal.
1 Hour Jail & Mute
Vanilla exploits are not allowed.
1 Hour Jail & Mute

Do not use alts to bypass any sort of punishment.
Orignal Penalty Doubled
Do not use alts in order to train mcMMO or abuse other plugins.
6 Hour Jail & Mute
Do not use alts to bypass standard procedures that result in any players gaining advantage over others.
6 Hour Jail & Mute
Anyone caught cheating through Voting to receive more items (alternate accounts/proxies) can be permanently banned from the server without warning.

Players who have aquired a donator rank can apply for a staff rank.
Player ranks can be acquired through McMMO, Gold & RP Tokens.

Threats made to the server will result in a temporary ban then a permanent ban if repeated.

Donations will not be refunded, see the Terms of Service.
Attempting to do a chargeback will result in an IP ban and removal of all donation perks. In some cases, legal action may be taken.
You cannot scam a player for real money or for account information.
Keep personal information out and off of the server for privacy.
The Rcommunity will not refund you if a plugin or glitch deletes your items.
Players will be notified when they have broken a rule and punishment rendered depending on the severity of the matter.
Administrators and higher ranks of staff reserve the right to update the rules if and when needed.