General Rules For PikaMon Mc

Chat Moderation:

1. No Advertising any other websites or servers 
2. No spamming or speaking in 100% capital letters 
3. Impersonating an Admin or another player in game will result in either a warning or a ban depending on the situation. (Please use common sense)
4. This is an English speaking server. Global chat must always be in English but if you would like to talk in another language please only use local chat. (Reminded not to speak in different languages)
5. If you have the ability to nickname yourself, you cannot change your name to another players name of the server. For example, do not name yourself PinkTacoLady,Coyote etc. (5 hr mute, possible loss of /nick)
6. The use of foul language in moderation is allowed in certain situations. HOWEVER, if the use of foul language is constant and offensive, a staff member can step in and ask you to stop. If you refuse to stop, you can be punished. (3 hr mute)
7. Out-of-control disrespect toward others or racism/sexism/homophobia/mental psychology (i.e. calling someone a "retard") of any kind is not allowed. 

1. Do not exploit plugins or mods (duping, etc) (Depends on severity)
2. Glitches used to enter a towns buildings, etc are illegal 
3. Vanilla glitches (glitches that can be done without the use of a plugin exploit, etc) are not allowed. 

1. Owners and Administrators have the right to search a town without announcement
2. Owners and Administrators can determine the severity of a rule fracture, and determine the punishment
3. Owners and Administrators cannot ban a player without a reason.
4. Owners and Administrators can take items from a chest if they suspect the item has been duped/cheated for in anyway.
5. Saying anything disrespectful to staff can be punished. 

Staff do not have to warn you before punishing you.

Any amount of joking about hacking or anything else that breaks the rules will be taken as real rule breaking without consideration and will be punished accordingly.

If a rule is broken repeatedly, the punishment will be double every time until more serious punishment needs to be given.

Important note:

Admins and other staff can make a decision at a moments notice as to whether something is a bannable offense or not. Also, ranks of Owner and Head Admin have the right to discipline and punish as they see fit. If you are punished and feel that it is unfair talk to another owner or Head Admin about it. Do not use the excuse "It wasn't in the rules so I can not be punished" or any variation of this. Use common sense on whether something can get you in trouble or not. There are no loopholes, you will be punished if what you do is wrong.