Want a new server?

CaptainT posted Mar 20, 15
Are you interested in having another type of server on the Rcommunity?
Leave a comment below with the type of server and additional information about a server you would like to see us create. 

Want to see a creative, tekkit, or another type of server? Leave a comment below!
WildCoconut City Roleplay Server
killerdwarf Warhammer sever
Arevera1 1) A factions or towny voltz maybe? On a Post-Nuclear-Warfare map? 2) A world similar The Maze Runner (Book not movie)? ...

New Network News!

CaptainT posted Mar 20, 15

The network has adopted a new page and custom coded news button on the top of the website! If you ever want to know what's going on in the network just look at the new drop down button on the site seen on all network pages and the "read more" page explaining each news post in detail!