1. Roleplay Rules
1.1 Meta-gaming is cheating!
1.2 Power-gaming isn’t fun to play with!
1.3 Stay grounded in reality!

2. Chat Rules
2.1 Be nice!
2.2 Don’t be annoying.
2.3 Harassment is serious.

3. Building Rules
3.1 Stay grounded in reality!
3.2 No Unrealistic Mines

4. PVP Rules
4.1 Always Roleplay First!
4.2 PVP warnings are a must!
4.3 No RDM!
4.4 No War Crimes!

5. Miscellaneous Rules
5.1 No hax!
5.2 Towns & Nations
5.3 Alternate Accounts
5.4 Refund Policies
5.5 Owners, Administrators & Staff

6. Character re-roll rules
6.1 Re-rolling character by personal choice
6.2 Re-rolling character due to RP death in role play


Player: The real world human that’s playing Minecraft (This is you!)
Avatar: The in-game body being controlled by a Player
Character: The imaginary person that you are pretending to be, or roleplaying as

Instigator: The player initiating a PvP Warning
Defender: The player receiving a PvP Warning

Roleplay / RP: To act and speak as if you are the character you’re portraying
Out-Of-Character / OOC: To act and speak as your real world self

Meta-gaming: An “out-of-character” action where a Player’s Character makes use of knowledge that the Player is aware of, but that the Character is not meant to be aware of
Power-gaming: The act of excluding other Players considerations, such as storytelling, atmosphere or reactions. Not allowing another Player to have a say in what happens to their own Character


All punishments are available to Staff at all times.
Fine: You will lose in-game money. If you are unable to fully pay a fine, then your jail sentence will be increased by 1 Hour per 100 Gold.
Mute: You will be unable to talk in all chat channels.
Jail: Your Avatar will be placed in the Server Jail for a period of time. Your non-local chat will be muted while you serve your sentence.
Temp-Ban: You will be unable to log in to the server for a period of time.
Ban: You will be permanently banned from the server.

1. Roleplay Rules

1.1 Meta-gaming is cheating! 
-Do not meta-game. (Meta-gaming is an "out of character" action where a Player's Character makes use of knowledge that the Player is aware of but that the Character is not meant to be aware of.)

1.2 Power-gaming isn’t fun to play with! 
-Do not power-game. (Power-gaming is the act of excluding other Players considerations, such as storytelling, atmosphere or reactions. Not allowing another Player to have a say in what happens to their own Character. Note that both instigators and defenders are expected to maintain this rule.)

1.3 Stay grounded in reality! 
-No super human abilities or non-human characteristics may be used in your role-play.
-Staying in character is very important. Sticking to the lore or biography you have written for your character is equally important. If you need to OOC, You can private message, use local chat or last resort...use OOC chat. 
-No structures that defy the laws of physics; Underground or automated farms. No underground animal farms. No half cut, floating trees or fruits from the trees. No strip mining. No large holes left from excavation. No under or above ground darkroom spawners.  (See rules: Mining and Excavation)
-No depriving other players of their fun for your own personal gain or amusement. This may also be considered harassment of another player and power gaming. In other words, do not be a troublesome player that only plays to annoy be a nuisance to others players. 
-Any role-play death is considered a permakill and shall be enforced by providing screen-shots of the role-play event of the death or it is not considered an RP death. 
-When you have a permakill or permadeath, you are enforced to forget the role-play leading up to your death. Acting on information during your deaths event is considered meta-gaming. 
-You must follow your established lore of your character while in role-play. Using or creating something that is out of your characters nature can lead to your role-play event being voided. 
- No passports in your Nations.
-If you Kingdom has a gate to pass through, You must post clearly the rules of your land, so that outsiders that enter may understand your Kingdoms laws and rules of the land. 

-If you are to put a wall around your nation, you must leave room around the outside of the walls for travel by horse or foot. If not, you must provide free and safe passage through your land so that others may travel the lands. 

RolePlay website Rules
-All posts from now on are to be in character and role-play (except for general discussion). 
-No anonymous or non-existing characters in your posts.
-No OOC in your posts (unless asking for clarification on a matter)
-All replies must stay in character and role-play. 
-All post are to follow role-play rules of the server. 
*Failure to follow these rules will result in your post being hidden. Multiple warnings will result of a temp-ban from the website

Teamspeak roleplay Rules
-Teamspeak is there to add another level of your time on world-civ. It adds a social aspect and gives your a place to hang out with your friends and create new ones. 
-The downside to teamspeak is that it makes role-play very lazy. You speak out what is going on with your character and his life and are missing out on a lot of role-play with other players. Please try to keep your characters life and role-play with in the game. 
-Also, One big mistake is people meta-gaming. Meta-gaming refers to making decisions and discussing topics based on information that your character would realistically have no way of  knowing. 
-For example: Asking your friend in teamspeak or any voice-com, to leave where they are and come to your aid, clear across the world. Your friend's character would not have gotten that message from such a great distance without meta-gaming. This is a punishable offense, so please try to stay clear of doing this. 

2. Chat Rules

2.1 Be nice!
-/G is for greeting Players and minimal conversation.
-Absolutely no offensive or adult content in public channels.
-Absolutely no swearing or vulgar language in public channels.
-No sexual harassment, no racist comments, and no offensive comments about religion, in any chat channels.
-No excessive swearing or vulgar language in any chat channel.
-Keep non-English language to a minimum in public channels.

2.2 Don’t be annoying.
-Do not spam in any chat channel.
-Do not impersonate Staff in any chat channel.
-Do not advertise websites or servers in any chat channel.
-Do not scam a player for real money or for account information.
-Keep personal information out and off of the server for privacy.

2.3 Harassment is serious.
-Threats made against the server will result in a temporary ban then a permanent ban if repeated.
-Threats made against Players on the server can result in either a ban or a warning. If a player or Staff has asked you to stop because they feel the content or topic in discussion is distressing in any way then stop immediately.
-Threats to Characters on the server are fine as long as they do not violate any other rules.

3. Building Rules

3.1 Stay grounded in reality!
Structures must follow the laws of physics.
No thin/weak towers that ascend too high.
No thin/weak planks that extend too far.
No floating structures.
No underground farms of any kind (plant & animal)
No AFK farms of any kind.
No word art or pixel painting on the dynmap.
No sky art or floating structures.
No mob grinders of any kind.

3.2 No Unrealistic Mines!
Mines must look realistic. They should appear reasonably safe, and be a practical size. Some lee-way may be permitted for stylistic purposes, at the discretion of the Staff.

If you’re not sure if your mine meets the building standards, or you’d like to request an exemption for stylistic purposes, please feel free to ask for a review. The staff will be happy to tell you if you’ve passed all the requirements.

The fine for unrealistic mines is $1000, under normal circumstances. Most often, this is a punishment for lazy tunnels or unsupported strip mining. Repeat offenders may be subject to harsher punishments.

For those looking for specific guidelines, please follow these standards:

The 3x3 rule: “Not too small!”
- All horizontal tunnels must be at least 3 blocks tall and 3 blocks wide.
- All vertical tunnels must be at least 3 blocks wide and 3 blocks long.
- Sections that are smaller than 3x3 must not exceed 10 blocks in length/height.

The Support Beams rule: “Make it safe!”
- All underground structures must be supported across the top and sides, with an appropriate material.
- No more than 10 blocks between supports.
- Support Pillars and Beams may rise/run 10 blocks for every 1 block in width.
(For example, a 1x1 Support Pillar can rise up to 10 blocks, a 2x2 can rise up 20 blocks, a 3x3 goes 30, etc. Support Beams match the Pillars, but instead run horizontally.)
- Appropriate braces or reinforcements reset the 10 block count.
(For example, a 1x1 beam can run 10 blocks. Adding a pillar under it allows the beam to run another 10 blocks from the pillar.)

The No Strip-Mines rule: “Not too big!”
- Underground strip mines or unsupported tunnels are not allowed. Any room with a volume greater than 200 blocks is considered a strip mine.
(A room that is 10 x 10 x 2 is 200 blocks. Or 50 x 1 x 4, or 20 x 5 x 2, etc.)

Note that the No Strip-Mines rule can be overruled by the other two mining rules.
- Large caverns or long tunnels (that exceed 200 blocks in volume) are fine if they follow both the 3x3 rule and the Support Beams rule.

4. PVP Rules

4.1 Always Role play First!
-This is a role play server, not a PVP server. Please make a reasonable effort to Role play with Characters that you want to fight with.
-Screen-shots of your role-play before PVP, must be recorded on the website. If no record of screen-shots of role-play before physical PVP, the death is considered illegal and punishment will follow for the murder and all belongings to the person killed will be returned. 

4.2 PVP warnings are a must!
-All relevant Players must receive a 60 second PVP warning before any physical PVP can begin. A Player that has received their full warning can be killed, but their Character is only considered defeated or unconscious, not necessarily dead.

4.2.a Fly you fools..!
- Defenders have the option to flee at any point after they've received a PvP warning.
- Instigators may initiate combat on any Defender who flees.
- Passing a boundary line (such as through a door or over a wall) counts as fleeing.
- Please make sure the Defender is actually fleeing, and not just roleplaying someone in distress.

4.3 No RDM!
-Do not kill Avatars outside of Role play. The Character must be fighting, not just the Player.
-Do not kill Avatars that have not received the full 60 second PVP warning.
-Killing an Avatar or a Character within a role play scenario is acceptable. (Reminder: Don’t power-game! You can’t force someone’s Character to die.)

4.4 No War Crimes!
-Do not use lava buckets to kill Avatars. Lava can only be used during wars, and only in dispensers for Nation defense.
-Do not PvP Log when in combat with another player.
-Toggling PvP perms in your Town is equivalent to PvP Logging.
-No Spawn Camping – Killing an Avatar when they log in
-Spam killing is not allowed.

5. Miscellaneous Rules

5.1 No hax!
Do not abuse the following glitches:
- Any movement glitch
- Any item duplication glitch
- Any Vanilla exploits
Do not use the following clients:
- Hacked clients
- Modded clients that enhance movement or PVP
Mods that allow minimaps or that boost game performance/quality are fine.
No scripting.
No finding or using loopholes to avoid punishment and/or trying to manipulate staff in your favor. 

5.2 Towns & Nations
-No Griefing/Stealing from a town unless at war.
-Nation Leaders are not allowed to leave/disband a nation while other active players are assigned citizenship. They must find a suitable replacement and then leave the nation.
-No trapping people in your town.
-A nation leader is considered inactive after 2 weeks of inactivity. They will be removed from nation leader and a person this is still active from that Nation will be asked if they want to be leader. Failure to find an active member to become leader will result in the nation falling. This inactivity also includes players that only log in occasionally, just for a fresh log in date.
(times and dates of log in/out history will be checked by staff)
-No one man nations 
-A nation may not invite players that do not have an approved character application. (no white names)
-A player that has left his nation with no sensible role play reason or has been kicked of the nation more than two times, the player will be unable to be a nation leader again. (your name will be added to a no-lead list and will remain permanent)

5.3 Alternate Accounts
Alternate accounts are allowed if you declare your alt on the Support Forums.
Do not use alts to bypass any sort of punishment.
Do not use alts in order to train mcMMO or abuse other plug-ins.
Do not use alts to bypass standard procedures that result in any players gaining advantage over others.
Anyone caught cheating through Voting to receive more items (alternate accounts/proxies) can be permanently banned from the server without warning.

5.4 Refund Policies
The RCommunity will not refund you if a plug-in or glitch deletes your items.
Donations will not be refunded, see the Terms of Service.
Attempting to do a charge-back will result in an IP ban and removal of all donation perks. In some cases, legal action may be taken.

6. Character re-roll rules

6.1 Re-rolling character by personal choice
-Cost: 3 RP tokens and $5000 ingame gold
-Will have all McMMO skills set to 50 each (if less to start, will remain the same)
-Will not be able to obtain items from nation that you are leaving 

6.2 Re-rolling character due to RP death in role play situation
-Cost: none
-Will have McMMO skills set to 100 (if less to start, will remain the same)

7. Owners, Administrators & Staff

-Do not argue with or disrespect the Staff on any platform of the Rcommunity. (ingame, TS and/or website)
-Players will be notified when they have broken a rule and punishment rendered depending on the severity of the matter.
-Staff members cannot kill a character without reason.
-Highest ranking staff online has final say


*Owners and Administrators have the right to search a town without announcement.
*Owners and Administrators can determine the severity of a rule fracture, and determine the punishment.
*Owners and Administrators cannot ban a player without a reason.
*Owners and Administrators will seize any item(s) from chests they deem fraudulent.
*Owners and Administrators reserve the right to update the rules if and when needed. Ultimately, it is the players responsibility to keep up to date with the rules. If there is a major change or new rules put into list, an update will be made that there a  change and/or new rules have been added and to refresh yourself on the rules. 

Some changes of the rules are a direct result of an unexpected event or situation that is unforeseen by staff. Rules will be changed in that moment and players will be punished accordingly. 

Changelog 16-11-04
- Added definitions for Instigator and Defender.
- Added "Note that both instigators and defenders are expected to maintain this rule." to Rule 1.2 Power-gaming.
- Added "4.2.a Fly You Fools", about Defender fleeing.

Changelog 17-02-01
- Added "No sexual harassment, no racist comments, and no offensive comments about religion, in any chat channels" to Rule 2.1 Be Nice.