Server Rules

KaylaXtreme posted Aug 13, 15


Respect both the staff and your fellow players!


No griefing/stealing.

No cheating.

No exploiting.

No cussing/swearing (including in private chat)

No use of hacked clients.

No advertising for other servers.

No AFK machines are allowed.

~Rule Breaking~

When a rule has been broken then a punishment of Jail/Mute time will be given to the offenders.

For more severe matters, a ban from the server and website will be issued. The time in which jail/mute are given is determined by the staff at the time of the rule violation.

Jailing Offenses


Griefing = Any number of blocks/items stolen/broken in a protected area OR any number of  blocks/items stolen/broken in non-protected area.

First Offence: 15 minute Jail

Second Offense: 1 hour Jail

Third Offence: Permanent Ban from Server


~Unclaimed Territory~

If an area registers as "Wilderness”, it is unclaimed, or previously claimed territory. It is considered a Town as long as there is a sign stating the name of the Town. Stealing items or griefing will result in you being jailed for doing so. If the player has not been on in 30 days, the sign will be removed, the area will be deemed “Wilderness” again and is free for all or the Town will be removed by staff and it will become Wilderness again.




Should you be a "sight-seer”, and enjoy looking at others towns, this is fine. However, while towny nor lockette really stop you from wandering into a town, if the residents wish you not be there, please comply, and make your way on down the road. If you do not leave after being asked you will be removed by staff and henceforth if you go back you will be put into jail.


First Offense: 5 minute Jail

Second Offense: 15 minute Jail

Third Offense: 60 minute Jail

Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban


Any PVP on the server unless in designated area or event is strictly prohibited (to be guilty of PVP, you must kill another player or repeatedly attack a player w/o killing them)

First Offence: 45 minute Jail

Second Offence: 2.5 hour Jail

Third Offence: Permanent Ban from Server



On first login:  advertise, spam or cuss =  24 hour mute (if they log in, advertise, spam or cuss and then log out = permanent ban)


Advertising = Any advertisement of another server's IP or

website written on placed signs, through blocks, in private messages, or in public chat.

1 Warning

First Offence: 1 hour Mute

Second Offence: Permanent Mute

Third Offence: Permanent Ban from Server


~Excessive Cursing~

Excessive (3+) curses/profanities/swear words written            

in public chat, on signs, in privates messages, or through blocks.

*If your first offence is homophobic or racist in nature you will be permanently muted.

1 Warning

First Offence: 15 minute Mute

Second Offence: 1 hour Mute

Third Offence: Permanent Mute



4 or more of the same message passed through public chat or private messages within 5 seconds on each other. Also includes /afk, /modreq, and /help spam

1 Warning

First Offence: 15 minute Mute

Second Offence: 1 hour Mute

Third Offence: Permanent Mute


Any Offence will have a screenshot and post on the forums under Crime and Punishment.-If there is not one up for a crime committed please see a staff member.




Any bugs found should be reported, there is an area in the forum, under the support tab to report such things, including any items that go missing due the game glitching or crashes. Please report these items there. If you are missing items, please add a list of the items you are missing to the post. We ask that you refrain from repeatedly inquiring about this using in-game chat, as it is hard to follow. If you simply create a post, then it will be addressed in the order it was received. This helps to solve the problem in a more timely manner than interrupting what is currently being worked on to solve anyone's specific issue.


Exploitation of bugs can be considered cheating and may result in administrative action. Let's keep it fair for everyone.




 Donations will not be refunded, see the Terms of Service.

Attempting to do a chargeback will result in an IP ban and removal of all donation perks. In some cases, legal action may be taken.

You cannot scam a player for real money or for account information.

Keep personal information out and off of the server for privacy.

The Rcommunity will not refund you if a plugin or glitch deletes your items.

Players will be notified when they have broken a rule and punishment rendered depending on the severity of the matter.

Administrators and higher ranks of staff reserve the right to update the rules if and when needed.

The console will remove players from the server after 10 minutes of AFK.



Owners and Administrators have the right to search a town without announcement.

Owners and Administrators can determine the severity of a rule fracture, and determine the punishment.

Owners and Administrators cannot ban a player without a reason.

Owners and Administrators will seize any item(s) from chests they deem fraudulent.

Saying anything disrespectful to staff is punishable.